Cause and Effect Essays Done Right

Cause and Effect essays are a type of Expository Essay that uses causation to draw a parallel between events. The essay writer is tasked to enumerate different causes or effects of the topic at hand.

Under such an essay the user cause and effect essay can take two forms depending on what the topic asks:

  • Multiple causes-single effect essay 
  • Single cause-multiple effects essay   

The most salient points causes or effects are obvious upon slight deliberation but you should research into the topic and demonstrate your ability to find unique causations unknown to the readers. 




Parts of Cause and Effect Essays

Cause and Effect essay follows the conventional essay structure:


  • Introduction
  • Body Paragraph
  • Conclusion


You should try to keep the introductions short. The more background research you have done the easier it gets to give a brief introduction, that is described by essay writing service

  • The Hook: The essay should start with a strong hook, which can be a quote, a fact, or a statement. An example of a fact- hook on a topic “ The causes of WWI”:

“Around 17 million people lost their lives in the First World War, while it cost the US alone around $ 337 billion.” 


  • Brief Introduction: Maximum 3-4 lines
  • Thesis Statement:: State what you plan to put into your body paragraphs. An overview of the causes that you think has to lead to a certain effect or an overview of effects that have sprouted out of a single cause. An example of the thesis statement for the topic used earlier, ‘The causes of WWI’:

“The major causes of the First World War were the growing nationalism, massive weaponization, the conflict between the various imperial domains, and the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand.” 


Body Paragraph 

The body paragraph should be no more than 4 paragraphs (usually 3 paragraphs). Each paragraph should be about a different part of your thesis.

  • Topic Sentence: The topic sentence is connected to the thesis statement, in that it declares what each paragraph will discuss in light of the central thesis. 
  • Examples: Each paragraph should validate your views through potent examples that would demonstrate your research. 



An enumeration of the thesis and the topic sentences, ending with a final statement. No more than 3-5 sentences long.


Before you Write 

It is important that you don’t jump into the writing process right away. Without proper Research and Brainstorming, you will seldom be able to produce a quality essay.



Don’t read essays that are already available on the topic, for it will hamper your ability to point out unique cause and effect links. It will also lead you to use the same style and ideas, such that your essay might end up plagiarising the essay.

Do your independent research and don’t stick to the topic at hand; broadening the research will only help you understand the topic more and find new causes or effects to talk about. 

You should also make use of various figures and dates to increase the authenticity of your research, here you can also get help from write essay for me service. 



Brainstorm either using mind maps or bullet-ing.  This will help you organize the information that you have collected, and help you find relationships between various elements.



After you research and brainstorm upon the topic it is now time to structure your essay. 

A cause and effect can take three structural forms:

  • Organized with the most important point coming first
  • Organized chronologically, which is useful when the causation flows like a crescendo. 
  • Organized by clustering the points into various categories. 



With the knowledge of the essay in general, its structure, and the prewriting process, you should be able to take on any topic and produce an outstanding essay. If you are still confuse, go for any write my essay service online.


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